Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Marks Diecast Gets Google Page Rank Of 1

Marks Diecast Gets Google PR of 1/10

September 30, 2008, Mount Dora, FL, USA - Today, Marks Diecast web site http://www.markbgray.com/ was given a Google PR (page rank) of 1/10. For a small site that caters to the individual that collects specific 1/18 scale model cars, and only working out of a retail shop open on the weekends, this is big stuff.

Though, the result may be viewed as unfair by the competition, that is their tuff luck. Mark, owner of Marks Diecast, is an internet optimization professional.

"I'm really pleased", said Mark, "I spend 10 hours per day working on my clients' optimization efforts and just don't have the energy to work on my own site after I get home. However, the methodologies employed to get http://www.markbgray.com/ a PR of 1 with Google, is just a sample of the work that we perform everyday for our clients".

Marks Diecast has a great selection of 1/18 scale model cars, 1/32 scale model cars, diecast banks, diecast planes, plastic model kits, but our most favored item is 1/18 diecast scale model cars.

The goal for Marks Diecast is to take it online as an online business and scale back the retail effort. When Mark gets the time after helping his clients optimize their sites, look for http://www.markbgray.com/ to come online as an online retailer within the next year.

"Considering that many of my clients are multi-million dollar companies competing for exposure on the internet, the effort to get http://www.markbgray.com/ live as an online retailer has to take a back seat. Many of my clients understand the value of being in the top three results for their keywords on search engines such as Google", states Mark, owner of Marks Diecast.

"For instance, if one of our luxury home builders that we perform optimization services for, sells one home for $500K, the profit pays for our services. Any sale that takes place after, that can be tracked as a direct result of their internet results presence, is pure profit. Our services are not cheap, but internet marketing is the only advertising that can actually be tracked back to the source of the lead that led to a sale", continues Mark.

Look for these technologies and methodologies to come to http://www.markbgray.com/ in the near future. In the mean time, whether you live in, vacation in or just visiting as a seasonal resident, visit Marks Diecast retail shop at the Market of Marion, located just south of Ocala Florida in Bushnell Florida.

Marks Diecast will give anyone mentioning this blog post an immediate 10% off any purchase over $20 retail at the retail store.

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