Sunday, August 25, 2013

Marks Diecast BBurago No. 18-22126/Red Mini Cooer S 1/24th Scale Red

Marks Diecast BBurago 1/24th Scale Model Diecast Mini Cooper S Red

Mark Diecast brings you information on this great 1/24th scale model diecast of the Bburago 1/245h Scale Model Diecast Mini Cooper S in Red. Any Mini fan will love this model.

This model features:

New model
Detailed paint
Authentic white painted top
Authentic dual white stripes
Authentic wheels
Estimated retail price around $10 US

Marks Diecast loves the scale model car collecting hobby. We are proud to provide information on this new model. We do not make any money for positing this information.

I grew up in the SCCA pits in the 1960's and remember the original minis racing in anger on their minuscule 13" tires. Lifting the rears in the corners.. Rear engine compartment lids hiked open for air flow.

This new series is a great throw back of how modern technology can make great cars of the past part of the future.

We hope that the Mini fan in your life will enjoy this BBurago #18-22126/Red Mini Cooper S in red in 1/24th scale diecast.

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